Riders stuck for an hour on Disney's "It's A Small World" experienced "torture" by song

Riders on the iconic "It's a Small World" boat ride at Disney World experienced "torture" last week when they were stuck for an hour inside with the song playing over and over and over. According to the TikTok video below posted by someone who experienced the horror, one of the boats appeared to be sinking which could have been the reason the ride was halted.

"They didn't realize for like 45 mins, everyone was on a boat so we sat there for about an hour stuck with the song on repeat!! TORTURE lol," the person who posted the video later commented.

It reminds me of the use of music in psy-ops and interrogation situations, as the US military has been known to do.

You can experience the ride and the song in the comfort of your home through the above video (albeit recorded at Disneyland).


We were stuck for over an hour, the torture 😭 #smallworlddisneybound #disney #disneyworld

♬ Oh No – Kreepa
image (cropped): Freddo (CC BY-SA 4.0)