Say bye to your bike: You'll want to take this hoverboard everywhere

Move over, bikes, and skateboards: There is a way more fun and relaxing way to travel around your neighborhood now. Yep, we're referring to hoverboards, which make you feel like you're actually gliding over sidewalks. No more sweat and leg cramps. This nifty method of transportation makes for an easy (and exciting) way to travel from one place to the next. How fun is that? It might just be the closest thing to being able to fly. (Maybe not, but you get the point!)

With the Hover-1 Ranger, an electric, self-balancing scooter, riders up to 220 pounds can cover more ground than they would with a brisk walk. This self-balancing hoverboard's speed also ensures you can get where you need to quickly — the dual 200W motor system can reach speeds of up to 7 MPH! Plus, you can glide up to six miles on just one cycle of the rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Then, power it back up and get ready to hit more miles. 

Of course, one concern with any method of transportation is safety while using it at night. Fortunately, it comes with a vibrant LED lighting system. So drivers will easily be able to spot you in the dark. Plus, the LED lights just look pretty damn cool. The lights are controlled with the hoverboard's Bluetooth connectivity. That also lets you control music and ride level!

Hoverboards feel like something out of the future, which means people naturally assume they're too pricey to buy. Not the case with this model. Transform the way you get around your neighborhood for the better with the Hover-1 Ranger. While it usually goes for $229.99, it's on sale now for just $129.99. That price is a steal considering you're getting a fun hobby, an effective transportation method, and a remarkable piece of technology all in one.

Prices subject to change.