Why is 1970s character "Little Miss" having a moment?

Little Miss is having a moment. Surely you've seen the new "Little Miss" memes floating all over the internet, and showing up on your news feeds. Have you wondered what's going on? Why are Little Miss illustrations, which have been around since 1971, currently trending? Chance Townsend of Mashable explains

Yes, that's right, the colorful and boldly drawn cartoon drawings from the children's book series by British author and illustrator Roger Hargreaves have become an unimaginable source of emotional catharsis for people across the internet, as users share their most personal insecurities and red flags. Similar to the American Girl doll memes from last month, the "Little Miss" memes are fill-in-the-blank style memes with a highly specific but sometimes incredibly relatable description. With examples like "Little Miss Wants Her Ex Back" and "Mr. Letterboxd," this decades-old, kid-friendly media property has taken on a new form, and is once again connecting with Gen Z, one of the audiences it helped raise.

Where did this new trend start? Again, Chance Townsend of Mashable explains:

Multiple outlets in the past few weeks have credited Instagram meme creator @juulpuppyas the originator of the Little Miss meme, with their first image being posted April 19, 2022. However, Twitter user @dreamgirltat posted their Little Miss meme on April 17, 2022, which gained over 36,000 likes. And while the virality of the trend can be credited to @juulpuppy, who's first dump of memes generated over 52,000 likes on Instagram, we can trace similarly formatted Little Miss/Mr. Men to at least 2014. Here you can see Millennial-style Mr. Men and Little Miss parodies by illustrator and former Mashable writer Max Knoblauch.

So, do you have a favorite new "Little Miss" meme? There are so many good ones right now. I think my favorite—and sadly, most relatable—one is "Little Miss Needs Constant Reassurance." If you can't find one that expresses your deepest insecurity, you can go make your own here.