American who spent nearly 3 years in Russian prison describes his experience

Trevor Reed, an American citizen and Marine veteran, who spent nearly three years in a Russian prison told CNN what Olympic medalist Brittney Griner can expect after being sentenced to nine years in prison for cannabis possession. Reed said Griner could end up in a forced labor camp, like he did. Reed described the food there as being "terrible; sometimes it would be just fish bones or broth of fish bones, or potato soup — it's mostly water.

"Solitary confinement there consists of a concrete room with a hole in the floor for a toilet." He also said people in a Russian prison camp are always facing malnutrition, and that there is little to no medical attention. "Tuberculosis runs rampant in Russian prisons."

CNN reported that Russia told the United States it is willing to discuss a prisoner swap deal that would allow Griner to return home.