Watch: A weather reporter is blown away when he realizes — on air — that his map is a touchscreen

Similar to what it might be like for someone living in the 1980s to stumble across an iPhone from the future, Chicago's ABC7 meteorologist Greg Dutra was utterly amazed to find out, while reporting live, that his weather map was actually a touch screen. (See video below.)

"What? No waaaaay?" he said when his map reacted to the touch of his finger. Dutra spent the next 30 seconds grinning ear to ear while playing with his new toy, exclaiming, "It's a great day! It's a great day!" He later explained that he'd never gotten a thorough rundown of the newsroom since he was onboarded just before the pandemic hit, which sent him home for over a year. When he returned, nobody remembered to clue him in on some of the finer (as in incredibly useful) details of the job.

It's not often one gets to experience the joys of technology as pure magic.