Oregon State police issue Lightning McQueen and Cruz Ramirez a warning

Oregon State police responding to calls of two cars hooning around found some folks who took Disney Bounding to a new level. The two offending vehicles were made to look like Lightning McQueen and his protege, Cruz Ramirez. Apparently, the cops were not so well versed with Pixar to recall the name Cruz and called her "Dinoco."

Sac Bee:

Troopers responded to reports that two cars were "cutting each other off and racing," Oregon State Police said in a Thursday, Aug. 4, Facebook post. The cars were "easy to find" based on their descriptions, state troopers said. You would have to see it to believe it," the post said. While police said the pair was not racing, troopers did pull over "Lightning McQueen" for following too closely while also pulling over "Dinoco."