Take a trip to "The White Squirrel Capital of the World"

Look at these cute white squirrels that live in Brevard, North Carolina, a town that has received the moniker "The White Squirrel Capital of the World," by the good folks at the website "Only in your state." What's the deal with these adorable creatures that can be spotted all over town, and that are so beloved that the town has created a squirrel sanctuary and also hosts a yearly festival in their honor? They aren't albino squirrels, but, rather, a type of eastern grey squirrel. Pete Key Properties explains:

The white squirrels of Brevard are actually eastern grey squirrels with a mutation in their genes that makes their coats white. They have dark eyes and some grey streaks in their white fur, giving them a notable distinction. The squirrels lack the red-eye coloration as well as the straight white pigmentation in the skin and fur of albino creatures.

If you want to spot a white squirrel or two with your own eyes, what better time to visit than for the White Squirrel Festival, which happens every May/June. It features music, food, art, vendors of all kinds, and a beer garden featuring locally crafted beers and wine. Brevard is already very well known for its music scene—particularly folk, bluegrass, jazz, and mountain music—and is a delightful and beautiful place to visit, right outside of Asheville. The white squirrels are just one more reason to go!