Check out how they made "Arcane" in the first episode of "Bridging the Rift"

Netflix's animated series Arcane is a curious paradox. The show was somehow an unexpected hit and a guaranteed success simultaneously. Based on the sprawling world of Riot Game's hit franchise League of Legends, an installed fanbase was undoubtedly ready to support the show before it was even conceived. Swaying casual fans who weren't already League of Legends loyalists to watch the series was another matter entirely. 

With a deep-seated cultural stigma associated with video game adaptations working against them, Riot Games knew they would have to pull out all of the proverbial stops to ensure Arcane was a hit. Several years after the idea's inception, Riot and Fortiche studios produced an intricately written and stunningly animated series that left millions of jaws agape. 

In the video linked above from the official League of Legends YouTube channel, you can look at the elaborate production process that Arcane went through. The video is the first episode in a YouTube exclusive series, so if you're a fan of Arcane, keep your eyes peeled for subsequent episodes.