The signage battle of Dude Chilling Park

Dude Chilling Park is the nickname of Guelph Park, a popular community gathering spot in the Mount Pleasant neighborhood of Vancouver, British Columbia. In 1991, a sculptor named Michael Dennis installed an art piece called "Reclining Figure" in the park. To some, the sculpture depicted an abstract interpretation of a dude kicking back and chilling, which is where the park's nickname came from.

In 2012, a local artist named Viktor Briestensky constructed a sign that read "Dude Chilling Park", and matched the look of the city's authentic signage. The city was not amused by the sign, and took it down. This caused great sadness in people who had admired the sign. The lovers of Dude Chilling Park started a petition to get their sign back, and the sign was re-installed in 2014 as a public art piece.