This website recommends albums based on your mood

Album By Mood is a site that recommends users an album based on their mood. You can choose from a long list of moods, including aggressive, angry, energetic, explosive, fun, ironic, passionate, relaxed, sweet, and more. I selected melancholy as my mood, and the site recommended the album Midnight Special: The Library of Congress Recordings, Vol. 1 by Lead Belly. What a fantastic album! When you're not sure what to listen to, this site is a fun way to discover music and find something that compliments how you're feeling. 

From the site:

All the songs are classified according to their mood. The model that is followed was conceived by Robert Thayer. This pattern divides songs according to their energy and stress line, their happiness and sadness line, and their calm and energy line. Based on the result of all these parameters, a song can be correctly classified. 

And you today, how do you feel?