First drone video of orcas hunting and killing a great white shark

This incredible drone footage from Discovery's "Shark Week" programming depicts three orcas hunting and killing a 9-foot great white shark. It's the first time this incredible food chain moment has been seen from this perspective. From Fox9:

Part of South Africa-based marine biologist Alison Towner's long-term work with great whites, the clip shares what she wrote on her Instagram is "one of the most incredible pieces of natural history ever captured on film."[…]

While Towner noted that Mossel Bay had noticed great whites disappearing, this is "the world's first drone footage of killer whales predating on a white shark."

More in Towner's scientific paper in the African Journal of Marine Science: "Fear at the top: killer whale predation drives white shark absence at South Africa's largest aggregation site"

image: slowmotiongli/Shutterstock