Only 60 days jail for teacher who "continuously abused" 13-year-old student

After systematically abusing her victim for three years, 32-year-old Marka Bodine pleaded guilty to aggravated sexual abuse of a child under 14. Prosecutors asked for a 20-year sentence. Judge Greg Glass sentenced her to 60 days, and she won't have to serve her time for a year.

The student reported Bodine to authorities, prompting the teacher to confront him about the images on his phone and delete them. "She told me I wouldn't go to college, that I would go to jail," the teen testified. "She said she would kill herself, go to jail." He said he contemplated suicide and on one occasion, he poured a bottle's worth of Tylenol pills into his mouth but did not swallow. He spent a week in West Oaks Hospital, a mental health clinic. 

I wonder what it is about this beautiful white woman that led Judge Greg to leniency?