Student with taste/aroma synesthesia had to leave dorm because roommate's name had "murky piss smell"

Synesthesia is the fascinating neurological phenomenon whereby stimulation of one sense involuntarily triggers another sensory pathway. For example, some synesthetes can "hear" colors or shapes. Henry Gray has a particularly lexical-gustatory synesthesia—spoken words trigger can trigger the sensation of tastes or smells for him. In the TikTok clip below, Gray recounts when he was a university student and had to find a new dormitory because some of the other residents' names were insufferable for him.

"Duncan smells like a burp after eating smoky bacon crisps," Gray says. "Kirstie is like a murky piss smell, and Elijah is like licking an eyeball. I couldn't form a friendship with them and I couldn't live with them so I had to change accommodations."