This man earns $95 an hour as a professional cuddler

Trevor James of Hollywood, California charges $95 an hour to cuddle. There's a two-hour minimum but you can choose from eighty different cuddling positions. Nudity is forbidden. From The New Yorker:

A registry of certified cuddlers can be found on Cuddlist, a sister company to, an online therapy platform. Cuddlist has a roster of professional cuddlers in thirty-four states: Missouri and Utah have one each; Ohio has three; California has seventeen. James, who is Ghanaian, calls himself an "ethical-touch therapist"; he used to work as a social companion, under an offshoot business called the Sidekick Bromance Experience[….]

"In some ways, it's sad that people resort to a stranger for this," James said. "At home, in Ghana, we touch a lot." He considers practicing his profession, he said, to be "an honor," adding, "It's satisfying, and it involves a lot of intuition. People cry a lot."[…]

His most regular client is an eighty-five-year-old man, who comes to cuddle several times a week. A college student had booked an afternoon cuddle. Another regular is a married man who comes for an hour in the evening. "I don't ask questions," James said.