This time thieves grabbed 20 briskets from a famed Austin BBQ

Austin's la Barbeque was struck again. Brazen brisket thieves pulled up, cut a chain link fence, and took off with several thousand dollars in smoked beef. I hope it was wrapped.

Sadly it appears that brisket thievery is a thing, and this restaurant has been hit five times! It probably smells so good they can't resist.


Austin's KVUE reported that a thief broke into la Barbecue at 4am Thursday local time, jumping over the side fence, cutting off the barbecue pit locks and loading more than 20 whole briskets into an SUV before driving off.

Each brisket was worth $180, according to reports, meaning at least $3,500 worth of brisket appears to have been stolen.

On its Instagram page, the restaurant wrote: "It happened again!!! This time this guy took 20 briskets that were prepped and cold smoking on our pits overnight. I am so sick of this!! Does anyone recognize this guy or car?"