You can't unsee live-action 'Wallace & Gromit'

Just try to "unsee" this clip from a 1995 live-action Wallace & Gromit. Screenrant rants:

The unique look and feel afforded to the pair's adventures by stop motion is irreplaceable – but that didn't stop British comedian Lenny Henry (Broadchurch) giving it a try. In a 1995 sketch for The Lenny Henry Christmas Show titled "The Right Trousers," Henry takes on both roles to hypnotically horrifying effect.

On one hand, Lenny Henry's Wallace And Gromit live-action sketch is a total success. It manages to recapture the tone and look of the series, which is no small feat. On the other, the entire thing looks like it was pulled out of some feverish nightmare. From the uncanny valley look of both characters – where Henry's eyes are seen poking out through layers of makeup – to Wallace's dancing, everything about "The Right Trousers" just screams wrong.


Screengrab: Joshua McCombe/YT