Archer takes aim at its 13th season

Archer wasn't supposed to run this long. That's not to say series creator Adam Reed didn't engineer a pitch-perfect premise that had the potential to run for 13 seasons. It's just that no one suspected Archer to become successful enough to earn 13 seasons. Fans of Adam Reed swam to Archer like a life raft when Frisky Dingo, the series' immediate predecessor, imploded on Adult Swim. 

Despite how effortlessly brilliant Frisky Dingo was- and, boy, was it– the show ended up being too weird to garner consistent viewership. When Archer was first green-lit, fans assumed that Reed would have to tamp down his eccentricities and penchant for crafting clever yet obscenely long running-gags for the show to succeed. 

Thirteen seasons later, Archer is weirder than ever with gags that span the length of the series. You can check out the trailer for Archer's upcoming 13th season in the video linked above.