China detects new zoonotic virus, 35 people reportedly infected

Bored with Covid-19? There's a new virus on the loose! Global Times reports that a "new type of animal-derived Henipavirus (also named Langya henipavirus, LayV) that can infect humans has been found in East China's Shandong Province and Central China's Henan Province, and has so far infected 35 people in the two provinces."

From Global Times:

Henipavirus can cause severe disease in animals and humans and are classified as biosafety Level 4 viruses with case fatality rates between 40-75 percent, according to the data from World Health Organization (WHO), highlighting that this is much higher than the fatality rate of the coronavirus.

However, there is currently no vaccine or treatment for Henipavirus and the only treatment is supportive care to manage complications.

Symptoms include "fever, irritability, cough, anorexia, myalgia, nausea, headache, and vomiting."

The Independent reports that the virus was likely transmitted to humans by shrews.

The Taipei Times reports that "the CDC has yet to determine whether the virus can be transmitted among humans."

In the meantime, stay away from shrews.