Hyperpop duo 100 gecs serves up Doritos and Fritos Pie at San Francisco's Outside Lands

Last October, hyperpop artists 100 gecs delivered a tweet anxiously anticipated by their growing number of adoring fans who had fallen in love with the duo's highly-praised debut "1000 gecs" album, released in 2019, or the 2020 compilation of remixes, 1000 gecs and the Tree of Clues. That October 2020 tweet simply read: "The album will be coming early 2022."

Titled 10,000 gecs, the album referenced by the tweet had been announced a month prior. Since then, there have been two new singles yet no new release date. "Early 2022" has come and gone. And yet the members Dylan Brady and Laura Les's dedicated cult following shows no signs of waning as we still wait for the release.

The dedicated and excited crowd that turned up for their set at San Francisco's Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival was yet another proof point. Fueled by 100 gecs' unbridled positivity, these are the relentlessly supportive fans that generously fuel the band's popularity on social media as they continue a world tour that—aside from special US dates like Outside Lands—is now on its European leg.

Before Sunday's Outside Lands performance, Brady and Les hosted a cooking show with popular YouTuber Andrew Rea of "Binging with Babish." Together, they made a Doritos and Fritos pie in honor of 100 Gec's latest single "Doritos and Fritos." The band served chips to the large crowd's delight before taking the Twin Peaks stage.

The fantastic 55-minute set featured material from that last album along with their latest singles and unreleased tracks. One fan inexplicably danced with Slappy the Dummy from Goosebumps, while another (inexplicably again) wielded a 1990s Talkgirl cassette recorder. Everyone danced, enjoying the intensity of the mosh pit during the chaotic songs and the communal arm-waving accompanying the slower numbers. It's fans like these—proudly waving their freak flags—who keep 100 Gecs in the public consciousness, while patiently waiting for that next album that's sure to arrive… eventually.

image (cropped): 100 gecs publicity photo/WeAreBigBeat