Artist/engineer built virtual simulation of an entire car engine to generate realistic vrooooom audio

Software developer and artist Ange Yaghi built a virtual simulation of an internal combustion engine "to produce engine audio and simulate engine response characteristics." Demo video above and you can download the codebase here to run it yourself! Yaghi writes:

Quite possibly the dumbest project I've ever undertaken, this was an odyssey but well worth it in the end. It's hard to fully explain the depth of the rabbit hole that I was led down and I ended up having to study things like fluid dynamics, physics and chemistry. As the title suggests, this is a physically realistic (or at least, somewhat realistic) internal combustion engine simulation. It also generates audio which I feel is some of the best procedurally generated audio for a V8 engine I've ever heard.

illustrative image of hot rod V8 3D render: Volodymyr Horbovyy/Shutterstock