Become an Adobe pro for less than $25 during the Back To Education Sale

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If you've ever tried to create a visual on a computer — whether it be a video series or a poster or what have you — you know it's not exactly as intuitive as putting a pencil to a piece of paper. Luckily, there are tools out there to help you learn, and thanks to the Back To Education sale, running from August 10 to August 24, those tools are more accessible and affordable than ever.

Those who need courses on how to master Adobe are in luck: The 2022 Ultimate Adobe CC Beginner to Advanced Training Bundle normally goes for $1,800 but has been on sale for $29.99. Thanks to a price drop, it's only $24.99 right now — a jaw-dropping deal that doesn't come around very often, especially when you consider what the bundle has to offer.

In total, you get access to nine courses that comprise 950 lessons. Learn the basics of editing video with Adobe Premiere Pro, then graduate to the advanced course. Master photo tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, XD, After Effects, and Lightroom, discover how to design logos and stunning graphic designs, and learn how to build Flash games. By the time you complete the entire bundle, there won't be a single aspect of Adobe you haven't conquered.

As one reviewer noted, this bundle is "jam-packed with information for beginners on a wide variety of topics." All the courses have an average rating of over four stars each!

Still not enough computer knowledge for you? Take four-week courses to learn the basics of Photoshopvideo editing, and graphic design — available now for free on BoingBoing.

Best of all, this is a purchase you can feel positive about — you're actually doing good when you buy! For every purchase from our Back to Education collection, a portion of proceeds will be donated to students or kids in need, and you'll get to vote on where the money goes! 

Buy The 2022 Ultimate Adobe CC Beginner to Advanced Training Bundle for just $24.99 now. No coupons needed.

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