Stop being P.O.'d by PDFs with a sweet deal on this editing tool

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Technology is supposed to be awesome and constantly making our lives more convenient, right? Well, if that's the case, then how can some pieces of tech leave us aggravated? Unfortunately, some things that are supposed to simplify our lives often do the opposite. A perfect example of this? PDFs.

PDFs are great for sending small files, and they're widely compatible across tons of devices. And yet, dealing with them and all that comes attached to them can be a major headache, especially if you frequently send them for school or work. Fortunately, you can purchase a subscription to PDF Agile Premium, a Windows software that'll make your PDF life a whole lot easier. You can get a tremendous discount on it now: just $69 or 76% off.

PDF Agile Premium is flexible, fast, and super easy to use. It's equipped with powerful editing and conversion tools that let you quickly edit documents, even image-based scans, without going back to the source files. For example, you can transform PDFs to Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint formats to make quick adjustments without losing fonts or formatting. Then, you can convert them back to PDF once they're ready to share. You can even convert or scan your PDF to a broad range of file formats that anyone can view with any PDF reader on virtually any device. 

Other features include marking up the texts with full-featured commenting tools freely. Meanwhile, the annotation tools allow you to use highlighters, underlines, strikethroughs, texts, shapes, and freehand drawings to communicate more manageable. Plus, password protection leaves you feeling safe, while the ability to redact information allows you to have complete control over permanently deleting sensitive information. Finally, we love the convenience and efficiency of getting your contracts or other documents signed electronically in three ways. 

Right now, you can save time, stress, and frustration by purchasing a subscription to PDF Agile Premium for Windows for just $69, or over $225 off.

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