Arizona Republicans reject racist ex-Sheriff Joe Arpaio a third time

Though his time at the top was long, Joe Arpaio's racist policies as Maricopa County Sheriff eventually got him beaten at the polls and convicted in court—a charge for which he was pardoned by then-president Donald Trump. Local Republicans are sick of him, all the same, delivering a third primary defeat since his political downfall, this time in a suburban mayoral race.

Arpaio is insinuating election fraud, as is au courant among far-right candidates irrespective of any evidence.

Even though election officials say all votes in Maricopa County have been counted, Arpaio said Wednesday evening that he wasn't conceding the race and instead was going to consult with an attorney to explore whether to challenge the results.

"I am not saying I am going to do it," Arpaio said of a legal challenge. "I'm not a lawyer. I just want a little information. In today's environment, a large percentage of the people are not happy with the way the (election) system was working."