Footage catches California wife spiking her hubby's drinks with Drano

A 53-year-old doctor in Irvine, California suspected his wife of poisoning him when he became sick for over a month with "significant internal injuries," so he set up cameras in his house. And his suspicions proved to be at least seemingly true, as footage caught his wife — an Orange County dermatologist — on three separate occasions pouring Drano into his tea and lemonade (stills from footage in video below). His 45-year-old wife, Yue "Emily" Yu, was arrested last week.

From NBC News:

Dr. Yue Yu, 45, was arrested Thursday and booked into the Orange County Jail, the Irvine Police Department said in a news release. She was released Friday after posting $30,000 bond.

Her husband of 10 years, who was not identified by police, contacted Irvine authorities Thursday, saying he suspected Yu was poisoning him. An attorney for the husband identified him as Dr. Jack Chen, 53, a radiologist.

According to police, the husband fell ill "over the course of one month" and sustained "significant internal injuries."

In the July 18 incident, Chen allegedly covered his cup with plastic wrap. When he was gone, Yu took the drain cleaner from under the kitchen sink, removed the cellophane covering, poured the liquid into the lemonade, then replaced the cellophane, the filing said.

Chen said he started noticing a "chemical taste" in his lemonade in March and April. He went to a doctor who diagnosed him with two stomach ulcers, gastritis and inflammation of the esophagus. The health issues prompted him to set up the cameras. 

Needless to say, Chen has filed for divorce.