If you enjoy photos of weird and failed food, here are two sources for you

I love eating and looking at photos of delicious and beautiful food. However, it's also really fun to look at food that has failed spectacularly—that's neither delicious nor beautiful. In this spirit, let me introduce you to two of my favorite subreddits about gross food.

The first is r/shittyfoodporn, where people share photos of food fails—either food they've made, or food they've been served. Examples include mini corn dogs dipped in yogurt, practically raw bacon on a Burger King double cheeseburger, Chef Boyardee ravioli-ramen, and this ranch-flavored ice cream.

Another great subreddit featuring questionable food choices is r/sushiabomination. This subreddit describes itself as "a place to post awful or weird sushi of any kind." Here you'll encounter all sorts of 'non-standard' sushi delights (or horrors). Examples include sushi tostadas, a schnitzel tortilla maki roll, string cheese maki and nigiri, and this tiny shoe made to look like Air Jordans (the poster calls it "Air Salmon's").

Honestly, I'd probably eat some of the food featured in these subreddits—it doesn't all look terrible. But I definitely draw the line at this "Minions roll," which has banana inside, avocado on top, and is dressed with chocolate sauce. Yuck.