Meta's new chatbot had some choice words about Mark Zuckerberg

Even an AI Mark Zuckerberg paid to produce finds his business dealings to be ethically challenged at times. You'd think the engineers at Meta would have foreseen these questions, but I guess I felt honesty in AI was the best policy.

Having assimilated what we can assume is a large number of news sources, the bot seemed not to like Zuckerberg so much… until it did.

Interesting Engineering:

With the latest version, the chatbot seems to have the collective memory of the internet and founders. Did Meta really not see this coming, or that people would share answers so widely? Who knows. Although, the BlenderBot 3 does not always give a strait-forward answer.

When Max Wolff, a data scientist at BuzzFeed, popped the question about the chatbot's views on Zuckerberg, the bot gave a reply that looked like it intended to lighten up the situation- what do you think?