Step out in style with these waterproof hemp sneakers

Being comfortable when you travel is one of the simplest and most important ways to make any trip easier. And by any trip, that means a trip around the world or even a trip to the grocery store. The most effective way to get more comfortable is with a durable, supportive, and ideally stylish shoe. This hemp sneaker has you covered. 

The Explorer V2 Hemp Sneaker for Men is a versatile, comfortable, sustainably made, all-occasion shoe that rivals name brands at a fraction of the price. A comfortable walking shoe can cost hundreds of dollars, but the Explorer V2 is priced at a reasonable $135 for a pair, but right now you can get a black size 10 for only $109 (that's a savings of 19 percent). 

The Explorer V2 is made by the environmentally conscious 8000Kicks. The shoe was designed to be eco-friendly, comfortable, and embody a minimalist, timeless design. Each shoe is made of naturally waterproof and easy-to-clean hemp fibers, the soles are made from anti-microbial cork, and the entire shoe is vegan (though eating it is not recommended). 

Users who have decided to try out the Explorer V2 Hemp Sneakers have been blown away by the comfort and versatility of these sneakers and often report having to buy pairs for friends and family earning the shoes hundreds of five-star ratings on the company's website.

One verified user raves, "One of the best pair of shoes I have ever had, and for sure the most comfortable! They go well on all occasions and are truly really hard to get dirty and impossible to wet. They are so amazing that as soon as I received my pair my girlfriend wanted one too, and also some friends! Looking forward to buy other products!" 

Upgrade your wardrobe today with timelessly stylish, comfortable, environmentally friendly Explorer V2 sneaker from 8000Kicks.

Prices subject to change.