A much better kitchen sink strainer

This is a post about a lowly kitchen sink strainer. Hear me out. I'm fascinated by what, years ago, I dubbed "homely tools." These are things that we use every day that are so unsexy, so simple and plain, that they fade into the backgrounds of our lives. But they're essential to everyday functioning. One of these homely tools is the kitchen sink strainer. I hate the ubiquitous version of this thing with a passion. It never sits on the drain properly, it gets full of disgusting gunk that's hard to thoroughly clean out, and it's pathetic as a stop for the drain.

In this Cool Tools video, Donald Bell shows OXO's answer to the sink strainer. It has a wider rim that fits completely over the drain and a silicone strainer basket that can be inverted to dump the trappings into the compost. I ordered one immediately.