New footage of Loch Ness Monster… wasn't that

Unfortunately, anyone who spotted the Loch Ness Monster in the last few days will be disappointed to learn that what they saw may have been an alpaca. Apparently a small herd escaped from their pen at Loch Ness Alpacas where visitors can enjoy an "experience" with the animals at the beach. From the Daily Star:

The herd managed to escape their sanctuary owners on multiple occasions as the they frantically tried to find them.

Some were out on an organised trek with paying animal lovers, while others found a way to join them on the journey.

Viewers on social media were left in stitches. Lo Mac wrote: "Cue the Nessie sightings from the other side of the loch."

The "Surgeon's Photo" of Nessie (1934), known to be a hoax.