Pixar's brilliant "Toy Story Window" dioramas

For a limited time leading up to the theatrical release of "Toy Story 4" in 2019, Disney/Pixar created this "Toy Story Window" (トイ・ストーリーの 窓) as part of it's promotional campaign in Japan. Playing off the Japanese shadow puppet tradition (Kagee | かげえ), animated Toy Story character silhouettes are cast onto Shoji like screens, to show what happens when humans aren't watching:

Closer inspection of each Toy Story Window, reveals a matching diorama that subtly moves the toys upon opening each window, to create the feeling that the characters recently stopped moving.

Here's a YouTube video that delves into the brilliant techniques employed to achieve such an effect. TLDR: the shadows were cast using eInk screens sandwiched between paper, using a projector as a light source; and the "toys" are moved using well hidden monofilament.