One of the cheapest animes ever produced

Anime has become synonymous with quality in the animation world. Since the days of Astro BoyKimba the White LionGigantor, and Speed Racer, anime has always rivaled and often exceeded the quality of Western cartoons. The gap between Western animation and anime became an immense chasm after the release of Akira. The minute Akira found its way into the hands of Western animation fans, the modern cult of anime that still exists today was born. After Akira, movies like AppleseedNinja Scroll, and My Neighbor Totoro further cemented the notion that Japan was lightyears ahead of the West in animation

Even though Japan produces its fair share of crappy anime, most Westerners barely catch wind of it. Without YouTubers like Kenny Lauderdale, most Americans wouldn't even know there is a bottom of the proverbial anime bucket. In the video linked above, Kenny talks about one of the cheapest animes ever produced.