The many voices of Daniel Day Lewis

As a discipline, acting is both over and underrated. Due to the difficulty inherent in the craft, society tends to foist more importance on the profession than is rational or necessary. The cultural significance Americans impose on actors for essentially playing pretend very well is bizarre. However, despite the intense amount of focus that actors receive from the public, the nuances of the job seemingly go unnoticed. Laymen tend to laud aspects of the craft that appear difficult to them, while the structural parts of the job that buttress the former elude them. 

Creating a character is no easy feat. Most actors can develop mannerisms for characters, but only an elite few can construct a new character- including a separate voice- from scratch. In almost every movie he undertakes, Daniel Day-Lewis finds a way to create a brand new character from the ground up, and his voice plays a specific role in the process. In the video linked above, the YouTube channel essential cinema explains how Day-Lewis uses his voice to perfection.