Cops suspended after being filmed vandalizing homeowner's security camera by homeowner's other security camera

The police department in West Point, Georgia, is "taking this matter very seriously" after its officers vandalized someone's security camera while trying to serve an arrest warrant. Unfortunately for them, it's all in the cloud and on the homeowner's other security camera. Moreover, the footage includes the racial slurs widely presumed to have motivated the hapless attempt at destroying evidence in the first place.

In the video, posted by Tomeshia James Madden, two officers appear to be in a resident's yard. They are heard talking, though it is hard to make out the audio. A third person is also heard. Then one appears to throw something — which Madden identified as a camera — across the yard and into the bushes … "The video is self-explanatory," [Attorney Wendell] Major said in a phone interview with LDN Tuesday. "It depicts some very vile and disgusting comments. But, we will allow the West Point Police Department to do a thorough investigation to determine what's the appropriate response to such by them. And we will deal with that response."

There are so many amazingly stupid things going on here, and "cop thinks destroying a camera destroys the footage" is only the first.