Election deniers have claimed nearly two-thirds of GOP nominations for positions with authority over elections

A large basket of Qnuts, cryptonazis, MAGA cultists, and christofascists have secured GOP nominations that have authority over elections in the upcoming election, reports The Washington Post.

In the 41 states that have held nominating contests this year, more than half the GOP winners so far — about 250 candidates in 469 contests — have embraced Trump's false claims about his defeat two years ago, according to a Post analysis of every race for federal and statewide office with power over elections.

The proportion of election-denying nominees is even higher in the six critical battlegrounds that ultimately decided the 2020 presidential contest, where Trump most fiercely contested the results. In Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, at least 54 winners out of 87 contests — more than 62 percent of nominees — have embraced the former president's false claims.

If elected, these candidates will never certify another Democratic win again.