Federal judge orders Trump sycophant Lindsey Graham to testify in election fraud probe

Georgia officials, including secretary of state Brad Raffensperger, have claimed US Senator from the State of South Carolina Lindsey Graham suggested they change Georgia's presidential election results illegally. Senator Graham doesn't want to testify about these interactions and has tried, to no avail, to avoid appearing. U.S. District Court Judge Leigh Martin May rejected Graham's motion to toss his subpoena and has sent him back to state court.


May said that even if Graham contended that his phone calls to Raffensperger were part of his official business, that wouldn't be enough to quash the subpoena — because Raffensperger and his aides said otherwise.

"Senator Graham dismisses as irrelevant the fact that individuals on the calls have publicly suggested that Senator Graham was not simply engaged in legislative factfinding but was instead suggesting or implying that Georgia election officials change their processes or otherwise potentially alter the state's results," May wrote.

May said it would require additional questioning and evidence by the grand jury to determine the nature of Graham's phone calls before a decision would be made to prohibit testimony on them.