Delta fired a flight attendant who posted an anti-Trump cartoon to Facebook. Now she's suing.

Leondra Taylor, a black flight attendant formerly in the employ of Delta Airlines, was fired after posting a cartoon to her Facebook page which likened Trump to the Ku Klux Klan. She's suing the airline, alleging employment discrimination.

Delta notified Taylor it intended to "suspend her employment," and a manager stated that her "political posts were racially motivated," which was given as the reason for her termination, the lawsuit reads. The lawsuit, which alleges Delta "discriminated against plaintiff because of her race," contends that Taylor's posts were "political statements, but they were not hateful or discriminatory." … It also alleges non-African American employees at Delta weren't subject to the same penalties for their activity on social media.

"The black person was critical of racism, and that means we can fire them for racism" is a peculiarly common reading of the law and it never seems to work out the way Management expected. And this criticism was off the clock, too. Delta, through a spokesperson granted anonymity by CNN, hinted that it had other reasons to fire her.