Take a few minutes and go check out my favorite opossum, Gladys

If you need a break from work, take a few minutes and go check out my favorite opossum, Gladys. She's got an Instagram, Facebook, and a TikTok. She lives with a family that has many opossums, including Gertrude, Francis, Florence, Martha, Phyllis, Sherman, and Beatrice. What makes Gladys' social media pages so great is how funny her owner is—she posts photos and videos of all of the opossums, which are cute in their own right, but hit the next level when captions are added.

Here are some examples: One post has a photo of a scared-looking Gladys, with the caption, "Walking to bed after watching a scary movie and you hear your refrigerator start making ice cubes." Another post has a photo of Finch the opossum hissing, with the caption "You should smile more" "Me:" And another has a photo of a startled looking Gertie the opossum with the caption, "When you're out for your birthday meal and you suddenly spot a cake coming round the corner and everyone starts singing." 

They're all really funny in a 'we are all neurotic here' kind of way. In addition to these kinds of photos with captions, you can also find videos of the opossums eating, sleeping, playing, and more. It's a nice peek into the world of opossums.