Arizona Governor Doug Ducey's new border wall already falling

Yesterday Arizona Governor Doug Ducey tweeted some photos of a new section of the border wall he's constructing out of shipping containers, with the caption, "Behind the scenes of the 8,800-pound shipping containers fortifying Arizona's southern border near Yuma. These 9-by-40-feet containers are linked together, welded shut and not budging!"

Well, that lasted about a day, as 12News reported today that at least one of the shipping containers has already fallen over:

Claudia Ramos, a correspondent for Univision, tweeted out a photo Monday morning showing one of the shipping containers tipped over on its side. 

In response, Ducey's office said they believe the sideways container was likely "human-caused," and was the only one that was not yet been bolted and welded. Border Patrol told Ducey's office about it Monday morning and it has been since repaired.

You can see the fallen container in Ramos' tweet here. Good luck with the rest of the wall, Ducey, it seems to be going really well so far!