Fake Wegners Groceries trolls Dr Oz

LOL, the constant trolling of Dr. Mehmet Oz — The Turkish citizen who "has myriad connections to Turkey and the world of its autocratic president" and is running as a Republican for US Senate from Pennsylvania against Democrat John Fetterman — never gets old. In April, Dr. Oz tweeted a video of himself shopping for "crudité" at a grocery store he calls "Wegner's." As he's picking up random vegetables (broccoli, carrots, asparagus), salsa, and guacamole, he expresses astonishment at how expensive everything is. He exclaims, "That's 20 dollars for crudité! That's outrageous, and we got Joe Biden to thank!" This video has been the subject of a great deal of ridicule, and lots of folks have criticized it for many reasons, including his opponent John Fetterman who tweeted, "In PA we call this…a veggie tray." 

Well, thankfully, the trolling's not over! This time, it's "Wegner's Groceries" itself, via its Twitter account. They just tweeted, "We repeatedly told @DrOz that we had pre-made veggie trays…excuse me "Crudité"…in the deli starting at $5.99. $7.99 with guacamole and salsa. Vote @JohnFetterman!" The thing is, there is no Wegner's Groceries, so this is a fake grocery store account trolling Oz, and I'm here for it. In his original video, Oz said he was at "Wegners," but no such place exists. Politics PA explains:

There is a Wegmans', a Rochester, N.Y. chain with more than 100 stores in seven states, including the Keystone State, as well as Redner's, a Reading, Pa. chain with 44 warehouse markets and 20 quick shoppes throughout eastern Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware.

Maybe if Dr. Oz were actually from Pennsylvania, he might have known what store he was in, or at least which store his servants do his shopping in.