Man rescued from collapsed tunnel he allegedly dug to rob a bank

In Rome on Friday, police responded to a call that a man was trapped in a tunnel that collapsed as he was digging. The tunnel began in a closed shop and police believe it was meant to end inside a bank that was closed for the weekend. It took an emergency crew eight hours to free the fellow buried six meters down in the rubble. From The Guardian:

Emergency services were alerted after receiving a call from one of four alleged gang members who had managed to escape from the collapsed tunnel on Thursday morning[…]

The man, from Rome, had previous robbery convictions, as did the four other alleged gang members, who had all been arrested, police told local media[…]

They are alleged to have excavated a bit each day so they could carry out their heist on the Ferragosto public holiday on Monday, an Italian holiday akin to Christmas, taking advantage of the bank being closed and Rome being semi-deserted.