Mystery metal object fell from the sky, just missing cop's head

This metal object fell from the sky outside the State House in Augusta, Maine on Friday afternoon. The seven-pound thingamajig just missed crashing on the head of Capitol Police officer Craig Donahue. The  Federal Aviation Administration is investigating but some experts doubt it's an airplane part.

Paul Cote, of aircraft part supplier Twin City Aero Supply in Bangor, said Monday he's never seen an aircraft part that looks like the object that struck the ground.

"I'm having a hard time believing that it is even an aircraft part," Cote said via email after reviewing the photo. "Most aircraft parts are made of aluminum and do not look that worn out."

Greg Jolda, aviation program coordinator at the University of Maine at Augusta, said Monday that if a part that size were from an aircraft, it would have done damage to an engine or the aircraft it came from.

"I can't immediately see anything that would indicate that was from an aircraft," Jolda said. "It would have had to put a good hole in the airplane."