Ron DeSantis adds cops and firefighters to the list of new Florida "teachers"

Not only is Gov. Ron DeSantis aiming to replace Florida teachers with military veterans, today he announced his plan to also include law enforcement officers and first responders (see videos below). He explained that he'd like to see cops and firefighters "with real world experience" teach children, rather than someone who "went to the school of education" where people learn "how to teach."

"At the end of the day, if you look at what's happening in our society, you see institutions being infected with ideology at the expense of facts and reality," said the Big Lie supporter, whose statement is actually true, thanks to the propagandizing far-right ideologies of DeSantis and the MAGA movement.

If all goes as planned, Florida's uniformed officers-turned-grade-school-teachers will be able to instruct children (on how to become good little soldiers) with just a two-year associate's degree under their holster, rather than the traditional 5-year teaching degree — as long as they have worked in their field and pass a Florida subject area exam and background check. While working as teachers, they will, supposedly, work simultaneously on obtaining a bachelor's degree.

Front page thumbnail image: Ron DeSantis (screengrab)