These sheep are raising a puppy so it can grow up and become the flock's guardian

I'd never heard of livestock guardian dogs before watching this video. They differ from herd dogs in that they are not trained to control the movement of livestock. Instead, they are bred to become full-fledged herd members who instinctively guard against predators.

In this video, you can see a flock of sheep nurturing an Anatolian shepherd puppy. It's almost like the sheep know that one day this puppy will grow up and protect them against wolves and other large predators.

The most common type of livestock guardian dog is the Anatolian shepherd. These dogs are large, powerful, and have a thick coat of fur that protects them from the elements. They are also known for their loyalty and courage.

From WIkipedia:

Livestock guardian dogs stay with the group of animals they protect as a full-time member of the flock or herd. Their ability to guard their herd is mainly instinctive, as the dog is bonded to the herd from an early age. Unlike herding dogs which control the movement of livestock, LGDs blend in with them, watching for intruders within the flock. The mere presence of a guardian dog is usually enough to ward off some predators, and LGDs confront predators by vocal intimidation, barking, and displaying very aggressive behavior. The dog may attack or fight with a predator if it cannot drive it away.