John Fetterman rakes in donations as goofy Dr. Oz "crudités" ad goes viral

MAGA and Pennsylvania resident cosplayer, Dr. Oz, just keeps stepping in it and his Senate candidate rival, John Fetterman, continues to enjoy pointing out the bullshit on his shoe.

In his latest blunder video to go viral for all the wrong reasons (which actually came out in April), Dr. Oz is seen trying to confidently stride through a "Wegner's" (apparently mixing Wegmans and Redner's Market?), scooping up veggies after his wife sent him out for "crudités." The multimillionaire TV snake oiler turned right-wing politician complains about $2 broccoli and the outrageously priced fresh salsa (which is actually $2.99, but he confuses it with the $5.99 bruschette next door). And then he blames the whole overpriced produce aisle on Joe Biden.

In recent days, this vid resurfaced and has led to a flurry of hilarious Twitter responses and at least two "Wegner's" parody accounts. While all good for some yucks, for Fetterman, it's turned into money in the bank. He's allegedly raised $500,000 in the last few days on the viral waves of veggie platter humor.

Thumbnail image: Gandydancer, CC BY-SA 3.0.