Watch: Missouri pastor enraged at his congregation for not buying him a luxury watch

Pastor Carlton Funderburke of the Church at the Well in Kansas City, Missouri told his congregation that he was "disgusted" with them for not buying him an expensive watch.

"I ain't worth your Louis Vuitton? I ain't worth your Prada? I'm not worth your Gucci?" Pastor Funderburke said to his disloyal flock.

After the video came out of Pastor Funderburke scolding and berating his congregation for not buying him a watch, he had a change of heart. The "video clip does not reflect my heart or my sentiment toward God's people," he said.


Kansas City Pastor GOES OFF on congregation calling them "poor, broke busted and disgusted" because they didn't give him enough money to buy a new watch he's been wanting. It's pastors like these that give the church a bad name smh an also why a lot of our generation left the church. What y'all think? 🤔

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