You'll never guess who funded a study that says eating 2 cups of grapes a day can make you live longer

In exciting news, a study funded by the California Grape Commission says adding 2 cups of grapes to a typical high-fat diet can stave off fatty liver disease and increase your lifespan.


Lead author John Pezzuto, PhD, dean and professor of pharmaceutics of the Western New England University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, said that his research demonstrates how eating grapes could help to offset some of the effects of a high fat Western diet.

"First, lifespan is increased, which indicates a global, full-body response," Pezzuto told Healthline. "Next, the antioxidant defense system of the body is enhanced. Additionally, fatty liver, which is estimated to affect 25% of the population and lead to poor health outcomes, is prevented or at least delayed."

According to Pezzuto, the study findings also indicate that anyone could potentially benefit from eating more grapes, regardless of which diet type or eating pattern a person might adhere to.

I like grapes, but I'm really hoping to see a study funded by the California Crunchy Mochi Snack Commission.