Air Canada served a bottle of water as the vegan meal on 10-hour flight

A travel and vegan writer flying home from Frankfurt to Toronto on Air Canada says she ordered a vegan meal a month before her flight — and technically, vegan is exactly what she got. For her first "hot meal," Miriam Porter received one bottle of water. For her second meal: an empty napkin.

From Insider:

She said she ordered the special meals from Air Canada at least a month prior to traveling and had them confirmed three times.

However, when the first meal came, she said she was bought a bottle of water. For the second meal, she said she was just offered an empty napkin. …

She said the flight crew told her the vegan meals did not make it onto the plane and that "this sort of thing happens."

According to Porter, a flight attendant later found some snacks for her. "I was grateful to the kind flight attendant who brought me fruit for the first meal, and also a granola bar when everyone got their second hot meal and I didn't get anything again," she told Insider.

Note to self: always fly with snacks on hand — this year more than ever. Porter took food selfies from her flight, which she posted on TikTok: