Lying GOP congresswoman from Florida tells constituents that inflation is 40%

Republican Rep. María Elvira Salazar of Florida is a savvy congresswoman. She knows her constituents require a steady stream of lies to stay happy, so yesterday she gave them a whopper of a fib, claiming U.S. inflation is 40%. That's 31.5% more than the actual rate of inflation. In fact, inflation in July was 0%.

Taking a cue from Dr. Mehmet Oz's lie-riddled fake grocery shopping trip, Salazar went on a similar shopping trip or her own, this time for school supplies for her college-age daughter Martina:

I'm here buying notebooks and pencils and supplies for Martina because she's going back to college. And I'm realizing that prices are through the roof. Well, of course, there is 40% inflation, because you have to remember that what happens in Washington affects Miami, and what happens in Washington affects Oklahoma, and what happens in Washington affects everywhere.

As you might expect, Salazar voted against the Inflation Reduction Act.