A Nevada woman accidentally bought 86 lots along with her new home

Is there a petition we could sign to get an off-season on adulthood? Every time you get your current situation under control, life just randomly decides to increase the pressure. It often feels like you're constantly juggling chainsaws managing all of life's specifics. Consequently, it's easy to fumble the little things during larger projects, as your attention is continually being diverted to other issues. They say the devil is in the details, and while he may not live there full time, it's assuredly where he spends his summers.

A Nevada woman recently discovered how minor errors could lead to massive issues when she accidentally purchased 86 lots while buying a new home. The mix-up occurred when a copy-and-paste mistake referencing a property other than the one listed caused the woman to basically become mayor of her own town overnight. Although the issue was eventually solved, it took two weeks to do so.

The unnamed woman from Sparks, a city east of Reno, purchased a single-family home in Toll Brothers' Stonebrook development in Spanish Springs on July 25 that was valued at $594,481, according to data from Washoe County Assessor's office cited in the Reno Gazette Journal's report. She became the owner of 84 additional lots and two common spaces due to a copy-and-paste error in the deed to the property, Cori Burke, chief deputy assessor for Washoe County's assessor's office told Insider. It took two weeks for the issue to be resolved, he added.