Incredible artist simultaneously draws six portraits, upside down, with her hands and feet

Some people are just better than the rest of us, ok? Here's a woman who demonstrates how she simultaneously can draw six realistic portraits—upside downusing her hands and feet in just 40 minutes. Her name is Rajacenna, she's Dutch, is just 21 years old, and, according to her bio, is a former child prodigy. In 2019, she went through an EEG test for a German TV show while drawing and it was determined she has a "superbrain."

This is how she described this project's process:

I love to challenge myself so I thought why not try for the first time painting with my feet while drawing in a realistic way + upside down and also one drawing in 3D. This time I made 6 portraits: Bella Poarch, Harry Potter, Billie Eilish, Wonder Woman, Shakira and Angelina Jolie. It surprised me how much control I was able to have over my feet, something I never realized before. All that time I was drawing while I thought my feet were useless with art and now I discovered they can do way more than I thought! I think if I paint more often with my feet I can really improve. I'm of course way better with painting with hands but painting with feet was so much fun!

(Born in Space)

thumbnail: Rajacenna / YouTube screengrab